The Archon is a special Titan unit that appears in War for the Overworld.

Summoning Edit

The Archon can be summoned for three sins. Once the sins are spent, the Archon summoning stone will appear by your Dungeon Core. After five minutes, an Archon will be born from the stone.

Description Edit

"A mage that bends the very Aether to its whim."

The Archon is a Titan unit. It is an exceptionally powerful mage, said to be able to bend the Aether itself to its whim. Indeed, it can incarnate deceased souls into Revenants which it will use to overwhelm its foes, and then add those foes to its undead army. The Archon can blast enemies with bursts of vampiric magic, or alternatively, destroy its foes with a mighty spell of extermination.

Abilities Edit

Passive Edit

  • Reaper of Souls: Summons a revenant when a nearby minion is defeated.

Active Edit

  • Exterminate: Fires an incredibly powerful charge of dark energy that explodes on impact.