Important Note: The Bloodling no longer appears in War for the Overworld. It was removed from the game after this article was created.

The Bloodling is an early game neutral (formerly Underlord) melee unit, with abilities that focus around staying engaged with the enemy and chasing down fleeing foes. Strong late-game stats and abilities, along with an unique out-of-combat function, make the Bloodling a core unit to have around your dungeon at all stages of the game.

Abilities Edit

  • Frenzy: temporarily increases the Bloodling's rate of attack every time it strikes an enemy (up to a maximum of 5 stacks). The effectiveness of this ability increases dramatically as the Bloodling levels up, and synergises with the Bloodlust ability at level 10.
  • Bloodlust: takes effect when the maximum amount of Frenzy stacks has been reached. Bloodlust causes 10% of all damage dealt by the Bloodling to be returned as healing, allowing it to stay engaged in combat for longer periods of time.
  • Lunge: allows the Bloodling to jump to an enemy from several tiles away
  • Rend: slows down the enemy target and applies a damaging bleed effect.