The Dryad is a unit belonging to The Empire.


On windless days and with some luck one may hear the telling sign of a nearby Dryad as the creatures and plants of the forest reach out to her protecting presence. When branches rustle softly without the mercurial touch of the wind they walk, where a beast, stricken by arrow has its wound cooled and mended by her soft embrace.

Though she is a nurturer by nature, the Dryad will use her fearsome wrath to protect the natural order so often disrupted by both unholy Necromancer and predatory Vampire. When she enters battle she will prevent foes from fleeing while healing her nearby allies with Wisps of life.[1]


Passive Traits
  • Circle of Life: When the Dryad is defeated she releases an intense wave of healing energy, restoring a large amount of health to all nearby allies.
Active Abilities
  • Nature’s Touch: The Dryad summons a healing wisp to restore some health to a friendly unit.
  • Entangle: The Dryad entangles an enemy unit in vines, stunning it for several seconds.
  • Roots (Special): The Dryad summons roots around an enemy unit, immobilizing it and any other nearby enemy units.[2]