The Huntress is a unit belonging to The Empire.



To be a member of the Umbros Order is one of the highest achievements any citizen of the Empire can achieve. Their unknown benefactor gives them the tools and resources to wage war against any undead who dares walk the land — or skulk beneath it. While the official purpose of the Umbros Order is to defeat the lower ranks of Necromancers that stalk the overworld, their true goal is to abolish the Vampires that endlessly plague the outlying townships of the Empire, and in this task they are incomparably adept.

The order only accepts females within its ranks and is without oversight, a kind of vigilante justice that exists within the Empire, and has been condoned by Commander Windsor as “a righteous, and necessary venture to protect the innocent from infernal corruption.”

In combat the Huntress will seek out undead foes and slaughter them with precision as their years of training and study have taught them the surest way to destroy the unliving. They are among the few in the Empire that are able to fully extinguish the unholy life of a Vampire; and it is this reason that they have been drafted in to the Empire’s army — a calling they are happy to accept for as long as it furthers the goals of their order.[1]

Abilities Edit

Attracted by:Edit

Arena + Barracks

Passive Traits
  • Silver Bolts: The Huntress’ basic attacks deal significantly increased damage to all undead units.
Active Abilities
  • Vendetta: The Huntress can execute unconscious Vampires with her wooden stake, instantly granting her a level.
  • Bola Shot: Fires a Bola Shot at an enemy unit, immobilizing it for a short period of time.
  • Salvo (Special): Fires multiple bolts at a single enemy unit in rapid succession.[2]