The Inquisitor is a unit belonging to The Empire.


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Ah, the Inquisitor, a “goodly hero” after our own blackened heart. Inquisitors have no qualms about torturing those they believe to harbor sympathies for our side. Protected by righteous law, the Inquisitor has wreaked havoc across the Overworld as they burn heretic and believer alike in their quest for purity.

In battle the Inquisitor will often choose a single target for judgement; a wise Underlord will either take them out swiftly or avoid them entirely until their weaker opponents have been neutralized.[1]

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Attracted by: Edit

Torture chamber

Passive Traits
  • Retribution: If the Inquisitor is struck with a magical ability, the source is silenced for a short period of time.
  • Consecrate: The Inquisitor removes enemy Area of Influence in a small radius.
Active Abilities
  • Inquisition: Chains an enemy unit to the floor for a few seconds, immobilizing them and causing them to take additional damage from all sources.
  • Purge: Removes all buffs from a single enemy unit and removes all debuffs from the Inquisitor.
  • Judgement: Scorns an enemy unit, causing all damage the unit deals out to also be dealt to itself.[2]

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