New Kasita Core

Kasita's Dungeon Core

Underlord Kasita is a rival Underlord in War for the Overworld. She appears in Campaign mode and as an AI personality in Skirmish and Multiplayer modes. She's also the main protagonist of her own campaign, Heart of Gold, and is one of the playable overlords in The Under Games.

Her best known trait is her love for Gold, and her ways of using it.

Her Core appears as a large iridescent piece of gold

Background Edit

Original Campaign Edit

In Level 11, Kasita creates a shaky alliance with Underlords Draven and Korvek to take on Oberon before he can lay siege to the Empire properly. Her fate, like her allies, is having his dungeon breached, and her Core beaten into submission.

She has an obsession with treasure and amassing wealth, and is constantly daydreaming about more. She mentions that, when the world was young, there were so many wonderful things to collect.

Heart of Gold Expansion Edit

Kasita reappears in the Heart of Gold expansion campaign as the player Underlord. She is joined by Mendechaus in a war against House Magnanimous in an attempt to re-summon the Colossus, the last warrior of the aureate army, and steal the Heart of Gold, an artefact that only the Colossus can retrieve, and that is said to provide its owner with virtually unlimited supply of gold, a substance Kasita is known to love.

After extracting information from the somewhat smelly Mandalf the [Maroon, Jasmine White, Cuticle Pink etc], stealing the Colossus summoning stone from under the Duke's Forces' noses (including the Duke's son Lord Coleem) and obtaining the gold required to reforge it by any means necessary (turning everyone who opposed her to gold along the way) she, Mendichaus and the newly reforged Colossus arrive underneath Mount Pheastus and at the heart of the Duke's kingdom. After a furious battle Kasita emerges victorious and the members of House Magnamonious lie dead. Kasita orders the Colossus to open the vault and she obtains the Heart of Gold.

Behavior Edit

In the Campaign, her first move will be some minor expansion, but she will reach for gold outcroppings. She is incredibly weak in this stage. After this, she will begin a sort of observation mode as she does some expansions. She will make a move on to attack the player when there's already chaos. She will also summon a Behemoth.

Trivia Edit

  • Her colour in the campaign is Yellow.
  • Kasita's theme was the "Founder's" theme until the Heart of Gold Expansion in which she was given her own theme, which is now named after her.