Keepsake Keep - "Welcome to Kairos"

02 keepsake keep welcome to kairos

Level Information
Campaign WftO
Level No 2
Starting gold 16000
Boss Sir Roussimoff
New aspects
Enemies Sapper, Templar, Priestess
Rooms Archive, Tavern, Perception Shrine, Inhibitor
Spells Unclaim, Prophecy, Lightning, Heal, Artefact of Plentiful Gold
Units Cultist
Sins Archive, Barracks, Tavern, Prophecy
Previous Next
Oberon's Realm - "Awakening" The Breach - "Traps and Bolts"

Welcome to Kairos is the second mission in the main campaign of the game.

Preview NarrationEdit

"Now's the time for a bigger challenge. Before you lies an Imperial keep, guarded by a certain Lord Roussimoff. He had a bit of an accident that melted most of his face, but he's no less vigilant a solider. He's been sent to guard an object that could threaten our campaign... get in there and burn the rest of him, Underlord."

Preview ObjectiveEdit

Use your renewed strength to defeat Lord Roussimoff and the Inhibitor he guards.


  • Build an Archive
    • Build a 3x3 Archive to attract Cultists to your dungeon
  • Claim the Gateway
    • Claim the nearby gateway to allow minions to enter your dungeon
  • Build a Lair
    • Your minions need a place to sleep, build them a Lair
  • Build a Slaughterpen
    • Build a 3x3 Slaughterpen to feed your minions
  • Gain a Sin
    • Wait for your Cultists to research a new Sin for you
  • Unlock the Tavern
    • Use your unspent Sin to unlock the Tavern
  • Build a Tavern
    • Build a 3x5 Tavern to better feed your minions
  • Optional: Expand your Dungeon
    • Expand your Archive or Barracks to attract more minions to your dungeon
  • Defeat the Empire Scouts
    • Rally your minions to defeat the Empire force once they have breached your dungeon
  • Optional: Spells
  • Optional: Force a Cultist to train in the Barracks
    • Pick a Cultist up and drop him onto a training dummy in the barracks
  • Destroy the Inhibitor



Start dungeon expanding following the instruction. Once enemy Sappers bother you, just drop a Rally flag before their way. After a brief time of training, you can start a march to the Inhibitor.

Victory NarrationEdit

"We've barely even started, and you already have a notch on your belt! Well done, Underlord, but there's no rest for the wicked... Two Inhibitors still stand between us and the mainland... but after your butchery of poor Lord Roussimoff, I doubt they'll be as weakly defended..."


Achievement2-1 Welcome to Kairos
Complete level 2
Achievement2-2 Burnt Face Man
Complete level 2 in 10 minutes
Achievement2-3 Indy
Locate the hidden Artefact on level 2