Korvek core

Underlord Korvek is a rival Underlord in War for the Overworld. He appears in Campaign mode and as an AI personality in Skirmish and Multiplayer modes. He also appears as a contender in the Under Games.


In Level 11 of the campaign, Korvek creates a shaky alliance with Underlords Kasita and Draven to take on Oberon before he can lay siege to the Empire properly. His fate, like his allies, is having his dungeon breaches, and his Cores beaten into submission.

Korvek talks like two entities, and on the minimap, when he speaks, his voice will project separately from his cores as he converses with himself. He appears to be more mentally splintered than other Underlords, to a very literal degree. It's possible that there were even more parts than these two, however, one of the halves claims to have "destroyed greater parts of me than you".

Draven and Kasita mention some of Korvek's history. He spent a large portion of the "old days" secluded in his realm, talking to himself. After a while of being alone, he broke out into Kairos and joined in the early campaigns for the realm.


In the Campaign, Korvek will sit mostly quiet in his dungeon as the player is preoccupied with Draven's assaults. He allows his scouting creatures to roam freely as soon as he breaks into the cavern, and watches the battle progress. When creatures die in various combats, his workers will scavenge the bodies for prisoners and corpses for his Crypt. He does some minor expansion, but not much further from the dungeon he already has.


  • Korvek's Dungeon theme is unlockable by beating every Skirmish mode AI on Master difficulty (1v1 only).
  • His color in the campaign is Blue.
  • Korvek is the only character to ever have two dungeon cores on one map. This does not include the Empire, where Inhibitors are not considered dungeon cores.
  • Korvek, or at least a part of him, is a contender in the Under Games. He competes on the Red bracket.