Mira core

Underlord Mira is a rival Underlord in War for the Overworld. She appears in Campaign mode and as an AI personality in Skirmish and Multiplayer modes. She is also a contender in the Under Games.


In Campaign mode, Mira appears as both an ally and as a rival. In Level 10, she is tasked with helping to destroy the Inhibitors containing the Kenos, so that Oberon may collect it. She turns on him quickly thereafter, and takes the Kenos for herself. This infuriates Mendichaus, who instructs Oberon to go after her to get the Kenos.

In Level 11, she retreats to her Home Realm with the Kenos. Oberon follows her, and she attempts to attune it to herself in a last-ditch effort to keep it. The artifact drives her insane as it attunes, and when she realizes she can't win, she begs for help, claiming she was mistaken. However, Oberon eliminates her, and takes back the artifact for himself.


In Campaign mode, Mira expands her dungeon east and west from her core, before descending on the Empire from the north to take out one of the Inhibitors. She will then claim as much of the area as she can, before settling down. she will then repeat the process withe either the East or West Inhibitors, and so on. Using a little bit of rush tactics, it's entirely possible to cut her off before she's ready, and render her assistance unnecessary.

However, after taking the Kenos, she becomes a little bit more erratic. She begins designing her dungeon to take up the most space possible, after quickly grabbing a portal and throwing down basic rooms. She spreads in a radial pattern, and will create tunnels running towards the player, attempting to breach from any possible location. Within five to eight minutes, she will dig into and attempt to claim the Perception Shrine in the center of the map. After that she will start breaching the player's dungeon as fast as she can. She becomes highly aggressive of territory, and once the player is within even a few tiles of her furthest border, she will rally her army to the threat, or if she thinks she's close enough, their core. This will happen even if the "threat" is merely a worker reinforcing a wall.


  • Mira's Dungeon theme is unlockable during the Campaign by completing all non-timed bonus achievements.
  • Her color in the campaign was originally Blue, before being changed to Cyan with the release of the Under Games.
  • She is named as "Rebecca" in game files.
  • Mira competes in the Under Games, on the Red bracket.