Mira's Realm - "Desperate Power"

11 miras realm desperate power

Level Information
Campaign WftO
Level No 11
Boss Underlord Mira
New aspects
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Arcane Fortress - "The Kenos" Snowslip Down - "Subjugation"

Desperate Power is the eleventh mission in the main campaign of the game.

Preview NarrationEdit

"The cretin, Mira, lies holed up within her dungeon armed with the power of the Kenos, but you have some time before she will be able to tap into its dark core and enhance her own abilities. Finish her before she is capable of sending you back to the Aether!"

Preview ObjectiveEdit

Defeat Mira before she gains full control of the Kenos!




Victory NarrationEdit

"I’ve created a special little hell for Marcus and her to spend their exile in... Right, now that you are armed with the Kenos you should have no trouble challenging any threat in single combat... unfortunately for us, the remaining Underlords have already realised this..."


Achievement11-1 Desperate Power
Complete level 11
Achievement11-2 Mondrian
Complete level 11 in 10 minutes
Achievement11-3 Mira Mi Poder
Lose less than 10 units on level 11