With the command of an undead army at his side, the Necromancer is a fierce opponent whose power is not to be taken lightly — a welcome ally to any Underlord who deals regularly with death. To draw them to your dungeon you will need a Crypt, and, naturally, a supply of fresh bodies.

Background Edit


Soul Pyres

The Necromancer Doan was the first of his kind to walk the Overworld, his search to prolong life eventually soured as he was drawn by the allure of dark magic to aid his research. His success left him a husk of his former being, neither alive nor dead he continued his sinful research for time untold.

Few of his books survived when the High Inquisitor Annaud incinerated his Archives (with the Necromancer chained to his bookshelves inside) but those that did hold the secrets of undeath he managed to unlock. When an unwitting mage reads the pages of his dark work they too are cursed with the same lust as Doan...

Within the surviving tomes lies the secret of the Soul Pyre, which allows a Necromancer to trap the souls of the bodies cast upon it. These souls can be used by the godless Necromancer to empower dead bodies with life once more, raising them as undead Ghouls shackled to his will. As the Necromancer's army grows so too does his power, yet if vanquished the Ghouls will wander aimlessly unless a Necromancer of equal skill is able to chain them to his own command.

Description Edit

Necromancers are mages who specialise in death magic. They are useful for underlords who can't be bothered converting enemy units. Through use of a crypt and necromancers, an endless army of undead soldiers can created. They can also blast at opponents with bolts of death magic, making them useful support units. They are pretty good at stay alive themselves, as they can steal the life of the enemies they defeat, and they can spread this healing to their ghoul minions. It should be noted that when a necromancer is defeated, its ghouls turn feral and attack any unit it comes across, friend or foe.

Higher level necromancers can also create Revenants from unconscious enemies.

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  • Army of Darkness: The Necromancer gains a defensive bonus for every nearby Ghoul & Revenant.
  • Necromancy: Every time a nearby unit dies (including undead), the Necromancer heals himself and all nearby Ghouls for 10% of their maximum health, and returns Revenants to full health.
  • Raise Dead: Raises a Ghoul from a Soul Pyre in the Crypt. Long cooldown.
  • Mark for Death: The Necromancer marks an enemy unit for death, causing all of his Ghouls and Revenants to attack it.
  • Revenant: Revives a fallen unit (friend or foe) to temporarily fight for him. Revenants slowly lose health over time until they die once again.
  • Reanimate: Revives a fallen Ghoul. Long cooldown.