Oberon's Realm - "Awakening"

01 oberons realm awakening

Level Information
Campaign WftO
Level No 1
Starting gold 5750
New aspects
Enemies Spectre
Rooms Dungeon Core, Barracks, Underworld Gateway, Lair, Vault, Slaughterpen
Spells Possession, Rally, Recall
Units Worker, Gnarling
Previous Next
Oberon's Home Realm Keepsake Keep - "Welcome to Kairos"

Awakening is the first mission in the main campaign of the game. It serves as a basic construction tutorial.

Preview NarrationEdit

"I've been looking for someone to spearhead my campaign... but before we get stuck in, let's refresh that old mind of yours."

Preview ObjectiveEdit

Learn how to command your powers as an Underlord.


  • Tag the tiles to mark them for excavation
    • Tagged tiles will be excavated and claimed by your workers
  • Claim the Gateway
    • Claimed Gateways allow minions to enter your dungeon
  • Build 3x3 Barracks
    • The Barracks will attract Gnarlings and provide a place for your minions to train
  • The Gnarling
    • Gnarlings are melee fighters
  • Optional: Cast Posession on a Gnarling
    • Possessing a creature will allow you to control their movemen and actions
  • Build a Lair
    • The Lair gives your minions a place to rest and recuperate, it is effective at any size
  • Mine some gold
    • Gold will be collected and returned yo your dungeon by your workers
  • Build a Slaughterpen
    • Build a 3x3 Slaughterpen to feed your minions
  • Cast Rally
    • All available minions will respond to a Rally flag and attack enemies they encounter along the way
  • Kill the Specters
    • Finish off the remaining Spectres by placing a Rally flag near them
  • Cast Recall
    • Use Recall to return a minion to its Lair



Just follow Mendechaus's instructions and you'll be fine.

Victory NarrationEdit

"Well done, Underlord. I see it's all coming back quite quickly... I expected nothing less. But there's much still to learn. Why don't we work in a bit of murder while we're at it? It's time for you to enter the realm of Kairos."


Achievement11 Awakening
Complete level 1
Achievement12 Valedlctorian
Compete level 1 in 5 minutes
Achievement13 A Real Keeper
Build a 5x5 Barracks, Lair and Slaughterpen on level 1
Achievement1-h Shaboozey (Hidden)
Lose the tutorial