The Priestess is a unit belonging to The Empire.



The Priestess is a formidable opponent when backed by powerful allies, however on her own she is fairly weak in combat. Unable to speak, due to her oath to the Church, she is immune to silence effects and can pray for the miracles she needs in battle to serve her allies. Treat her with caution, Underlord, for if she is left untended she shall certainly cause problems for your bloodthirsty horde.

Following the [redacted] wherein Kira the Pure fought her final battle against [redacted], The Church was created to pay homage to her unyielding faith and perseverance over the evil that challenged her lands. The Church’s followers strive to create a realm free of violence and vice and their most devout followers attain the rank of Priestess. Upon attaining this position they are sworn to silence, which must remain unbroken until death in order to ascend to a plane of peaceful existence ruled by the benevolent Goddess.[1]


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Archive, Sanctuary

  • Vow of Silence: The Priestess is immune to silence effects.
  • Blessing: The Priestess heals all nearby allied units for a small amount every time she uses an active ability.
  • Smite: The Priestess calls down a crushing blow from the heavens, dealing Light damage to target enemy unit.
  • Pacify: The Priestess pacifies a single enemy unit, blinding and silencing them for a short period of time.
  • Intervention (Special): The Priestess revives an allied unit.[2]

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