Rhaskos' Realm - "Behind Enemy Lines"

06 rhaskos realm behind enemy lines

Level Information
Campaign WftO
Level No 6
Boss Belthorn "Patton" Axeager
New aspects
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Spine of Kairos - "The Rear Guard" Rhaskos' Realm - "Heart Attack"

Behind Enemy Lines is the sixth mission in the main campaign of the game.

Preview NarrationEdit

"The Empire seems to think that this war is best fought on our own territory, for they enter Rhaskos’ realm in droves. Before you lies the portal through which they mount their assault, destroy it and you will cut off their supplies… and their single path of retreat."

Preview ObjectiveEdit

Free Rhaskos' imprisoned minions and use them to destroy the invading Empire Forces.



Take the smaller areas first. You can lure them out with servants and use lightning strikes to easily kill them. The siege machine is optional but may help breaking the walls. Defeat the portal from the west side--the east side is practically impossible to defend against.

Victory NarrationEdit

"With no way out they’re sure to increase their pressure against Rhaskos! Move swiftly, or I fear your victory here will be a hollow one indeed"


Achievement6-1 Behind Enemy Lines
Complete level 6
Achievement6-2 Prison Architect
Complete level 6 in 30 minutes
Achievement6-3 Scott Richmond
Free all prisoners on level 6