The Skarg is a Creature that appears in War for the Overworld.


The skittering Skarg stalks the subterranean depths far beneath the Underworld, where prey has adapted to sense sounds and steal away; stealth and the ability to sneak around effectively are of supreme service to the beasts who wish to be predator instead of prey. The Skarg has mastered all of these, and as it roams the darkened chambers of the deep it often makes meals of whatever happens across its way.

The Skarg has only occasionally been seen upon the surface of the Overworld, its fearful ability to regenerate from lesser wounds makes it a frightening beast that has rallied whole towns together for fear of being caught alone in combat with the beast. The more recent rumors from across the townships of the Empire suggest that the few who wander to the surface in search of sluggish prey have begun to poison their victims, preventing them from running far before the toxins render them rigid.[1]


Passive Traits
  • Regenerative Tissue: The Skarg will regenerate health at a rapid pace if it has not dealt or taken damage for 30 seconds.
  • Venom: The Skarg’s basic attacks deal additional poison damage over time and reduce the target’s resistance to slashing damage.
Active Abilities
  • Rend: The Skarg slows the target for several seconds.
  • Lunge: The Skarg jumps to an enemy unit.
  • Heartseeker (Special): The Skarg pierces the heart of an enemy unit, dealing a portion of their maximum health as true damage and the same amount as damage over time.[2] The Skarg also hates life



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