Turncoat Isle - "Shades of Grey"

04 turncoat isle shades of grey

Level Information
Campaign WftO
Level No 4
Boss Underlord Marcus
New aspects
Rooms Wooden Bridge, Beast Den, Siege Shrine
Spells Beast Rally flag
Units Skarg,Oculus
Constructs Underminer, Conduit, Outpost
Sins Underminer, Conduit, Outpost
Previous Next
The Breach - "Traps and Bolts" Spine of Kairos - "The Rear Guard"

Shades of Grey is the fourth mission in the main campaign of the game.

Preview NarrationEdit

"Revenge is a dish best served cold, Underlord, but we’re a bit… lacking in refrigeration. The traitorous coward Marcus has made a deal with the Empire to save his own revolting hide; he defends the final Inhibitor, and, in exchange, the Empire’s dogs leave him to cower behind his dungeon’s walls. Get in there, Underlord, and tear it all down!"

Preview ObjectiveEdit

Defeat Underlord Marcus and destroy the final Inhibitor he foolishly guards.


  • Unlock the Underminer
    • Open the Veins of Evil and unlock the Underminer
  • Build an Underminer
    • Build an Underminer upon the flashing tile
  • Activate the Underminer
    • Left click on the Underminer to ignite it
  • Claim the Beast Den
  • Optional: Unlock another Construct
  • Optional: Build a Warding Totem
    • The Warding Totem will grant persistent vision in a small area and scare away enemy workers.
  • Optional: Build an Outpost
    • Will claim a 3x3 area of tiles anywhere on the map
  • Destroy Marcus and the Inhibitor
    • Defeat Underlord Marcus and destroy the Inhibitor he defends
  • Optional: Claim the Siege Shrines _ of 3
    • Claiming the Siege Shrines will allow you to break through Marcus' walls with ease
  • Destroy the Brimstone
    • Use an Underminer to blast the Brimstone surrounding the Inhibitor to access it
  • Defeat Underlord Marcus
    • Destroy Marcus' Dungeon Core to send him screaming back to his own realm



Victory NarrationEdit

"A job well done, Underlord. Marcus’ shattered spirit will not soon forget the price of his cowardice! Now that the Inhibitors all lay broken, only one final snag prevents us burning the heart of their land."


Achievement4-1 Shades of Grey
Complete level 4
Achievement4-2 50 Shades
Complete level 4 in 18 minutes
Achievement4-3 Completionist
Claim all 3 Siege Shrines on level 4