The Warden is a unit belonging to The Empire.

Warden portrait

Unit Spotlight: The Warden Edit

Dwarves have always been fearsome, stocky little blighters, far too enthusiastic about violence and yeasty beverages. Strap on a heaving suit of armour and really work at that Napoleon complex, and you’ve got a recipe for an indomitable Dwarven warmaster.

Wardens are the first-line tanks of the Dwarven military; sturdy, experienced, and loaded with an unnecessary number of weapons, they’re able to stand firm in the face of many a foe. Wardens are trained to be a wall of meat and metal that none may pass, and those that do will have to live with an enduring limp. It’s well-known that Dwarves have this … thing about kneecaps. It’s quite neurotic, really.

Wardens have a particular knack for bone-breaking and brain damage. Let’s go over some of their techniques.


Attracted by: Edit


  • Shield Bash (Active): The Warden slams an enemy with his shield, knocking it back and dealing a moderate chunk of damage.
  • Pulverize (Active): The Warden crushes an enemy unit between his hammer and shield, temporarily turning them into a vegetable and stunning them for a brief period.
  • Flense (Active, Special): The Warden spins in a circle, slicing up the groins and guts of all nearby enemies, and slowing them down for several seconds.

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